lost my vision plz help with the dji ap

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lost my vision plz help with the dji ap

Postby fatbobby » Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:19 pm

My new x mass present gone :cry:

Here is what happened. I was flying away from me about 1700 feet and then my link between my iphone and the camera was lost. I then pulled back on the right stick to return the craft to me. I could hear the craft in the air but for what ever reason it was flying toward my right and getting further away (or so it sounded that way) Then I decided to turn off the controller figuring it would then return home. With in seconds of turning the controller off the craft went silent.

I then used the dji i phone ap find my phantom 2 vision. I returned home parked my car and got a snowmobile and went to the location with my iphone only. (about 25 inute pass) No phantom.

How does the info get to my iphone from the craft? I think the plane battery died? Any one any advice would be great

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