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New Battery!

Postby rbhamilton » Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:45 pm

So I picked up a pair of "Echo Power" batteries for my Vision 2+. They are standard DJI form factor but have red paper inside the plastic cut-out's.


They were at Hobby Town for $49 each on clear-out. I know... I was taking my drone's life in my hands but I figured it was a good price so what the heck. So far, fingers crossed, they are working just fantastic. They claim to be 5400's but I've got no way to verify that.

Just sent my drone off on a 10 min mission with Litchi and it came back with 54% battery in the tank. So that's a huge plus.

Now for the bad part... sold out. I can't find these guys anywhere. Might be nice to pick up one more if the price is right. Anybody seen these guys around anywhere?

Update: Next flight - flight time 14:42 with 35% reserve. Operating temperature -21C. Brrr...
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