Help with A2 and 900mhz datalink !

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Help with A2 and 900mhz datalink !

Postby juscuziam » Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:07 am

Hi everyone quick question as im haveing issues completing the handshake in the GS software. I have A2, lightbridge and Datalink 900mhz. Red light and green lights on on rx and tx. Opening the GS software with current driver installed for GS RX com port com 3 only one in drop down box and when i click connect the handshacking with Tx is displayed then says handshake failed check driver ect comes on. Never been able to connect.

Tried plugging both usbs in only have one cable in from the tx no idea whats going on.

Does anyome have a pic of the a2 with data link plugged in to make sure i have it right or does a2 not work?

Do i have to have gps satellites lock before it will handshake?

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